The power of President Xi

The power of President Xi

Xi consolidated his power in the first year. He got rid of all the problems through a strong anti-corruption campaign. The campaign was declared endless by committee member Wang Qishan. She has dual employment for Xi’s regime. In addition to kicking out potential competitors, it reinforces Xi’s popularity. He and his relatives are unlikely to have a record of corruption in the state-controlled national media. Moreover, the movement of separation between the Chinese Communist Party and the government initiated by Deng has been completely taken against the current. Power in China is centralized around the party, the leader has strengthened his powers over this same party. Xi is the leader of the game. Xi has power in China. Loyalty to him has become a prerequisite for success.

The Disciplinary Commission

The party’s disciplinary commission leads the fight against corruption. As often since Xi’s reign, it advances outside the laws, under Xi’s unofficial direct control. She can kidnap and then exclude anyone from the party with a TV confession. Many billionaires ,soldiers and lawyers hostile to Xi; or at least not enthusiastic enough, disappeared then reappeared with clearer ideas.

This commission is the armed arm of the Chinese code that goes back to Qin Shi Huang. Information that is obviously not shouted from the rooftops by the party’s high pundits. The tendency is rather to claim the wise teachings of Confucius. Chinese legalism is much more important. Its laws were already used to guarantee submission for fear of the Chinese people supported by the culture of secrecy and the charismatic leader. Rather than the Chinese event, it seeks the absence of non-upliftment. Or rather with a Chinese vision, it seeks the Chinese event by the absence of uprising.

Control of the Chinese population

For the same reason of the Chinese phenomenon. The media are asked to love the party, protect the party and serve the party. Official government citation. It is therefore better not to trust them entirely to find the acts against human rights committed by the regime. Yet some lawyers, reporting that they were locked up or even tortured. Today all lawyers must swear loyalty in the first place to the communist party. Becoming more vectors of legalism mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

The political construction of the Chinese has two goals, to denounce certain Western values and to praise Marxism in reverse. Marxism whose Western origin is not very well taught in the schools of the Middle Empire. Examples: In 2016 the media administration banned any object promoting « western life », insisting instead on the need for the media to use only government-approved information. Or again: the Ministry of Civil Affairs has denounced the practice of naming new housing for the middle class by names of European culture as « betting springs », this being considered how damaging national dignity and sovereignty .

Xi himself has designated taboo academic subjects, among them democracy or freedom of expression, while the daughter of the same man is studying at Harvard.

Xi xing ping still manages to keep trustworthy friends, most of whom have points in common, from the same region where their leader ( Shaanxi) spent a year during the Cultural Revolution, and where his own father was born . The Chinese dream is advancing. He needs the support of his army.

Internal and external security


Just elected ( by the party) had the brilliant idea to wait two years before seizing military power composed of the army ( 2 million men at this moment), and the police ( strong one million officer). Once again mainly through his favorite tool, which is the accusation of corruption against the most sensitive revolt, accompanied by the centralization of command. First, the Chinese generals made the same choice as Putin’s Russia: reducing manpower, improving equipment and training, making missile and anti-missile forces a priority. In addition to the example of its northern neighbour, China is focusing on strengthening its extremely strategic fleet.

In 2016 he took the post of commander in chief, even the great Mao had not dared. Xi had definitively taken control of an army which was devolved to him. As for the police, he had to exclude Zhou Yongkang, a member of the politburo who had gained influence in the legislative and security field. He was also an influential member of the gang in Shanghai (who had power before Xi and, some contacts with several foreign powers). Magna of oil and gas, in 2014 he is sentenced to life imprisonment for: concealment and corruption, abuse of power; and intentional revelation of state secrets. Xi took directly all these influential positions revolving around security. His friends are in key positions. Any means outside the legality are then possible for the Chinese dream.

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