The Enneagram my tool

My relationship with the Enneagram

But first, what is the Enneagram?

I could go to my library and spit out everything that says, »What is the Enneagram? »

But I find it boring to do that!

So much information!

So I’m going to talk about my own enneagram, the one I’ve spent through my 25 years of practice.

What is this Enneagram thing for me?

Learning this tool (it’s a kind of tool…) is like going every day with caring and wise grandparents. It was having a quiet grandfather who taught me people and their shortcomings, people and their kindness.

It was a snack with my grandmother who would have given me her simple and common sense philosophy. A philosophy nourished by the experiences of his life.

The Enneagram, my own Enneagram, is Grandma and Grandpa who tell me about life, and who distills me full of benevolent advice to cross it, with as little pain as possible, and with the greatest possible openness!

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Like the teaching of the wise!

It’s the sweet house of grandpa and grandmother from where I come out inflated to be the one in their eyes. Free to be myself, and full of potential that only asks to blossom.

My discovery of the Enneagram was that… And every time a new book was published it was like receiving a birthday letter, I already knew what it would be written on it, I knew it by secret, but the message always touched me.

How do I use this tool in my life?

In two ways: one volunteer, where I put in the foreground all the information contained in the tool.

That gives you about this:

I am a psychotherapist, I am in front of the person whom I receive, so the person who speaks to me, each of his words, gestures and silences are passed through my knowledge of the different profiles of the Enneagram (all the people described by my imaginary grandparents!).

From this vast field of knowledge I can guide my clients with much more speed and precision than in a classical therapy (hearing: without this tool)

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The Enneagram helps my grandparents to help you

I can very quickly know what his fundamental fears are, before he does! How she looks at each plot of her life, often even before the person realizes it for herself.

The words of my ancestors (to remain in the Metaphor!) are really very rich, very concrete, they allow me to know a part of the unconscious face of a person. To better perceive what its defensive mechanisms can be.

I can now talk to her from her inner garden. This without spending many hours in therapy. The tool allows me to go directly to the heart of its problem.

In my daily life it’s more vague, of course.

Always keeping in mind « enneagramme = wise words of grandma ».

I’m going to get alarm signals during the day, I’ve learned to read myself, to look at myself in external mode, and I’m able to get out of situations or ways of thinking that are disabling for me more quickly.

It is therefore a great personal help in everyday life. I know exactly what is happening in me at that very moment. I can consciously decide whether or not to continue my action. I can decide, always in conscience, to do otherwise.

i know, I understand, what kind of psychological mechanisms I put in place to deal with the events of my life. Small or large events. I was thus able to eliminate a lot of sources of tension or decide, in conscience, to leave my safety zone, my comfort zone… or to stay there!

But I could tell you what it can mean in concrete terms, how it can be translated into the gestures of my daily life.

I also use enneagram in my social interactions and out-of-home interactions. This knowledge allows me to understand what happens in the exchanges, what the other needs at the very moment, what I don’t have to encourage in the other person or what I can say to reassure him… finally this tool is in the background, always like the wise advice of my grandmother’s grandpa….

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See you next time at the same place!

To learn more, to know these wise words, I encourage you to dive into the rich bibliography and follow my possible future articles….

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