3 principles of life.

3 principles of life.

Be thankful for what you are now and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow

  Life is a gift to adore, a gift to protect and cherish. Life is similar to an ocean, the further you go the more realities you come to know. Life has that unique element of surprise in it which will never fail to amaze you. Life is a blend of experiences, memories and challenges.The memories and experiences are the only thing which remains after a person tastes death. No matter what happens the train of life continues to move on. We all consider life merely comprising of being born, reproducing and facing death but in reality it is far more than that. It’s the way we choose to live which gives the real meaning to the word life.


The memories we make in this life are the real treasure we gain. Memories are the golden pages of your book of life which makes your book of life an interesting one to read. Let’s suppose two people, person A who surrounds himself with temporary joys such as wealth and fame. On the other hand person B focuses on the more precious things in life such as family and friends. The end result would be person A ends up regretting the moments spent in searching happiness in things which was never there. While he might have experienced more luxury, less hardships than person B but in the end person B is satisfied with how he has used the gift of life. Our soul feeds on memories not wealth so strive hard for happiness not fame.


Life is all about experiences which mature and nurture you along the way. Experiences are what makes our book of life interesting. Some people fear experiencing new stuff, they believe that life should always have that aspect of certainty in it. Certainty to live the same routine again and again, certainty to earn the same amount everyday. Let’s put the same scenario in practise this time Person A chooses to live and  work in the same town his entire life, visiting the same old market and meeting the same people. On the other hand person B chooses to travel to different places with the uncertainties in life. Naturally, person B would have a far more thrilling yet happy life than person A. He would have a larger circle of friends, greater knowledge and ultimately more experiences.


“Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”

Challenges are essentially the problems which we face in our daily lives ranging from smaller ones such as passing a high school exam to the larger ones such as a family crisis. Challenges are the hurdles without which a person won’t be able to discover the important lessons. Depression, sadness might originate from these problems but the ability to overcome them is a factor which determines a man’s success. Never let challenges take the better of you, keep on searching for solutions with the same smile on your face. Challenges may come and go but the thing you lose is your mental peace. Giving up on life is not a solution rather a cowardly act to show that you weren’t strong and did not deserve the gift of life. Famous personalities such as Nelson Mandela regarded challenges as their best teacher, if they would have given up , they wouldn’t be what they are today. A famous saying is if you do not face troubles in life maybe you are living it wrong. An easy way to search for solutions is to ask yourself “Hey! What can I do to make things better” and then work on what your heart says is right.

No grades or stage is a determinant of your success, it is always the audience that comes by later that the defines the aura that a person will substitute over the world. Don’t let people dictate your success to you , don’t let people mould your life out , hold the pen and seek your answers, shake off the society and carve your own success status. For it is your life not theirs.

Embrace the glorious mess that you are. Elizabeth Gilberth

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